Cliche Quote ALERT!!!: "There's Always a light at the end of the Tunnel" and oh trust it B, it is true #Blessed

The Adulting Struggle is Real

Our folks fooled us yall, they told us we'd grow up to be big and strong and that we'd be rich and glamorous when we get to Adulthood. However, for many of us (20 something year olds), it's been a bit of a shaky-bumpy ride.

From issues of race, gender equality, sexuality, career choices and finances to name a few of the challenges the general Youth faces regularly. It sometimes feels like you're drowning in debt when you can't make that salary stretch right? Like, how can't I pay rent, buy new clothes, afford my vehicle and still have fun? What more if I had a family to feed? That's actually some 30 year old's struggle right now too. We all have problems, only the magnitude differs.

I'm here to feed you some of the 'cool aid'juice I take, it works like a charm. Firstly, every morning you need to count your blessings, I'm not talking about the super small things like the air we breathe and being able to read and write, food,and all those basic needs. I'll make it a bit more practical, because it's about the fact that is you truly are #Blessed man. An example, right before you: you have a computer, your smartphone or some or other device you're reading this article from and though it may not beabout the material things, you still got that gadget boo. Someone else won’t be able to catch a whiff of this revelation anywhere and perhaps the much needed push/inspiration and motivation; but we honestly are all #blessed. Here’s why also, if suicide has ever crossed your mind I’m truly sorry you were pushed that far by the Devil darling, if not, that’s the WHY, you’ve never been hasty to make drastic death decisions, just because you have problems, even babies have problems they can’t even tell us about, so they cry, do that too if it tickles your fancy. I mean, I’m trying to steer you away from such thoughts (yes,the suicidal thoughts that linger when you’re faced with immense difficulties that seem to have no solutions to) again, if you’ve had them before, and I'd also like to keep you away from them if you haven’t, so bear with me please. Cause everything happens for a reason; and this we know, according to: “One in four South African teens have attempted suicide and one in three hospital admissions for suicide involve youth.” I hope the teenagers read this too, there’s so much more to live for, if the working class aren't ending their lives for the big problems they have, how much bigger are your problems than ours young one? be bright and bold, call SADAG instead of taking your own precious lives. After matric and school, there’s the big bad world filled with mystery, wonder and plenty of promises, brace yourselves for it. This life is worth living!

If you need referral to a psychologist, psychiatrist or support group, please can you call The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) on 011 234 4837o/0800 20 50 26 and speak to a trained counselor who can assist you further. 

Our offices are open 7 days a week from 8am – 8pm.

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