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To be completely honest with you, the purest meaning to Celibacy that I found is the “state of being unmarried” and this I found off of Dictionary.com; so we could make it Religious or a bit Biblical due to laws from the Book stating that ‘Sex before marriage is a sin’ and though we’re all sinners, we really don’t want to be, so let’s not make this in anyway a Religious topic because we know you’re doing it still.

This piece isn’t dedicated to those who would like to go Celibate because they’re tired of random hook ups or just the Single peeps; and certainly not dedicated to Teens, why are they even having sex again? I ask that with no judgement but well, reasons for teenage pregnancies include the lack of knowledge, which then makes sense cause the young ones don’t think they’ll “catch”or that the condom is all that necessary or some or another Childish reason they don’t wear condoms on their underdeveloped privates when they’ve been getting schooled on it throughout Primary school in their Life Orientation classes.

Back to the topic, so that’s out the way, teens please just wait for 18, at least. Anyway, this Celibacy issue is a bit taboo and this shouldn’t be the case in 2017, we are in the 21st century or am I lost? It’s widely understood by many people of Color to be abstinence, thus a sexless lifestyle; and for many in relationships this IS impossible; however there are people in this world who live in loving Celibate marriages. How they do it is beyond me too but as per my findings, not much of this happens in marriages in Mzanzi because traditionally we consummate unity through lovemaking, the Americans however have this to be a more common phenomenon and it has a lesser disregard there.

There are plenty reasons than for Spirituality and for abstinence to practice Celibacy, there are many obvious lessons to learn from this act especially for the kids and the lonely. The biggest problem for most, is in the fact that they like the feeling of the intimacy sex comes with, which goes to show that many of us see sex as the most intimate way to connect but if in relationships we were to learn other ways to be intimate just as intense as sex if not better, perhaps one could trigger that in the mind.

Not many care to see if this Celibacy thing works or not, I guess it wouldn’t hurt if you had all the valid reasons to not have sex even in a relationship, which would probably be most difficult if the level of intimacy you are both used to, is Sex. The benefits include staying HIV free, avoiding multiple partners for the singles, preventing unwanted pregnancies, getting in touch with ones feelings and emotions without physically touching their partners.  This could be far more fulfilling than expected. Maybe, just try it, it might just be better than sex!

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