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My name is Auneetuh, I am a student, a freelance upcoming model, and a personal /fashion blogger.

I have been blogging for a little over a year now. I started blogging as a way to share my ideas and opinions... Initially it was just all fun for me, writing poems and expressing how I wanted to change and improve myself.... I never really thought of it as a career option.

A lot of things push me to keep doing this honestly, my passion for style and uniqueness is the number one thing and also the positive feedback I get from people.... Knowing that I am in some way brightening someone's day or inspiring someone's daily activities still amazes me... It just makes me want to be 100% better at what I do.

The most rewarding aspect to me is being able to reach out to people, maybe put a smile on someone's face with my boring jokes lol. Also this gives me an opportunity to grow too, because I can look back at previous posts and outfits and notice changes... It's a journal of life to me... A public journal.

Right now there are a lot of baby projects in my head and my drawing board... But I am trying to pace myself. So it's school and my career for now.....just for now.

 The things that have stayed the same to would be my passion and definitely morals and principles, and change too... Change is always constant right? Lol. I think I handle my principles in a more matured way now.

But my level of tolerance and patience has changed, also my work ethic has improved too.... Right now it's like I have this sense of purpose and I won't let anything stop me.

The important successes to me those daily victories or blessings... I take them more seriously now because they are a glimpse of the bigger picture. An increase in views, a successful shoot or a message from an inspired supporter and of course advancements in my academics is key too.

My frustrations are usually technical Lool.... Always technical because I insist on doing everything on my own. Computers don't like me much. Also building an audience is a bit stressful too but that is expected I think.

The most difficult thing that ever happened to me was loosing my mother. She was my best friend and at that time I tried not to show how hurt I was.... I dragged the burden of trying to be strong all the time till I eventually broke down. It actually led to a long year of depression. 

My first step to dealing with it was talking about it and praying, I am a Christian and honestly prayer works.

It definitely was a turning point in my life because I realized how much stronger I can be and it was at this point that I started writing and blogging.... At that It was an escape to me but when I got out of that stage, I  Egan to see the blessings in my reality.

My hobbies...hmmm... Does sleep count? Lol. I'ld say music and video documentations. I love making videos, I also like styling people and picking up style tips and makeup tips. On weekends I plan my week, try to workout (not often) and learn something new.

The most important things to me now, aside from  God and family are my career and education. I am in this phase where I feel like I have to build, build, build.... It's a boring phase but I believe that it is worth it.

My Role models? People in history.... Errr.... Just Maya Angelou.... Honestly I admire people in my time more. I guess I haven't really done my research.

I can't think of anything that I've always wanted but still don't have... A painting of my mom drawn just the way I see her in my head. My desire for material things come and fade easily.

My best 3 qualities: I am reliable , patient  and creative/ambitious, 

Worst 3 qualities: I am very secretive, a perfectionist and an introvert.

To people out there, I'd say go for what you love, try again and again, don't let anything stop you, you can start small but you won't remain small. And most importantly make sure you have someone to talk to, especially when you feel emotionally unstable... Mental and emotional health is very important. Be the best of you that there can ever be.

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