I was always fascinated with things to do with beauty

My name is Nyasha Mutsauri. Im a 26 year old model and the current national title holder of the Miss Globe Zimbabwe beauty pageant. I will be representing Zimbabwe in the 89th edition of the Miss Globe International pageant to be held on the 14th of September 2014 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The location is significant because there is a new man-made island being constructed in the Caspian sea named Khazar Islands and will have the tallest building in the world. Once completed, the Island will be a place where business and luxury meet as it will have a luxury hotel, yacht club, luxury apartments, top class restaurants, shopping mall and a Formula 1 track.

I started modelling in South Africa as a commercial model in 2010 while in school studying Public Relations at Midrand Graduate Institute. Initially I was signed to Star model management then after a year I signed with Noir Models. It’s in 2013 that i made the move back to Zim that I signed with Model Management International (Harare). In the same year i entered my first ever beauty pageant, Miss Global Zimbabwe which i won and has given me opportunity to further pursue my career.

From an early age I was always fascinated with things to do with beauty, art and stage performance, therefore, I knew eventually I would end up headed towards that direction. Now here I am years later still moving forward!

Ambition. The desire to want to achieve my dreams and live life on my own terms. For me, living life on my terms means being able to make decisions for myself and have the freedom to impact the world positively through the use of my talents and personality; all wrapped up in love and respect for every human being.
Family and loved ones are also very instrumental in motivating me to do what I do because the truth is there are times when I feel discouraged but having a strong support system greatly contributes to the need to continue moving forward. However, that being said, the major drive has to come from within. People cannot support you unless you know and go after what you want.

The most rewarding aspects of what I do include the opportunity to travel, meet new people and learn new cultures or ways of life. I’m a very open-minded individual so I enjoy learning new things constantly. It’s difficult to come up with the least rewarding aspects simply because  one never knows what to expect, so it’s a matter of dealing with situations as they come – and all kinds of situations will come!

Personally, my life and career are integrated. My career influences my life and in turn my life influences my career. However, apart from being Miss Globe Zimbabwe 2013/2014, I am also one of the brand ambassadors for T.I.R. Fashion House which is a brand that is built on introducing luxurious African print (Ankara) fashion to the world at affordable prices. My role as ambassador is to showcase the clothing. By doing so, I’m bringing to light what the brand stands for. The ideology behind it is that as Africans, we can source top of the range material and add value to them by producing unique beautiful pieces that are on the same level as other popular top international name brands in our own continent. Their instagram, facebook and twitter handle is @TIRFASHIONHOUSE – trust me you won’t be disappointed!

Apart from that I do charity work. I run a project which aims at helping to rehabilitate old age homes in Zimbabwe named, ‘’Bridging the gap between past and present’’. The aim is to encourage the youth (present) to not forget and take care of those (Past) that brought us here and worked towards shaping the life we enjoy today.
I’m also involved with the iBelive Sports Academy which as the mission points out;

''uses sports as a vehicle to inspire, empower and support the holistic development of promising African youth, preparing them to become global citizens and lead positive transformation in their community, Africa and the world.'

What has stayed the same throughout my life so far is the ability to recognize what i want, working towards achieving it and usually getting it. What has changed is how i shape my priorities. When i was younger i wanted to achieve my goals just for the sake of it and now that i’m a bit more mature, i focus on the ‘’why’’ i want to achieve something.

The important successes include having the courage to go after something even when the odds were against me, the fact that i tried is a form of success on its own. The frustrations include having to make sacrifices and difficult decisions especially when people do not see the vision yet or mock it – it happens. 

Having to move back in with my parents in 2013 due to financial reasons after i was used to living an independent life and doing everything on my own. It was difficult at first but i chose to see it as an opportunity to bond with my family and i'm grateful for it. However, that being said, it has given me extra drive to move out again because i cannot stay there forever- you know how it is staying with parents sometimes (lol)

My hobbies include reading, watching food and lifestyle channels, i love doing yoga. I also love going to art galleries often because i love art and literature.

The relationships i have with people because life is built on interaction and the better the relationships, the better the quality of life.

The 3 I would admire 

i) Princess Diana because of all her charity work and the impact she had on people all over the world. Her fashion sense was also impeccable. When i was growing up she was a role model for most girls
ii) Beyonce for her work ethic and and her drive to give the best of herself to her admirers
iii) Mr Strive Masiyiwa the Zimbabwean telecommunications mogul. He has managed to build a multi-million dollar empire and he is one of our own. I also appreciate the business pointers he gives on his facebook page.

My own house, in my name

My 3 best qualities would be i) My free-spirited nature ii) my ambition iii) my creativity
My 3 less desirable qualities i) like some women i tend to over think things ii) i sometimes get lost in my own little world iii) i cannot think of a third (lol)

 Advice from one young person to another would be that we need to live life to the fullest and keeping the future in mind. There are consequences to all our successes and mistakes, no matter how great or small. If we make our bed we have to lay in it.

I can be reached on facebook: Nyasha Mutsauri or Miss Globe Zimbabwe page also on instagram @ladynya01

 If i had the power to change one thing it would be to increase our ability as humans to practice tolerance. If we practiced tolerance towards one another we would significantly reduce the problems we have in the world

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