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TheChosenOnes is a group of two consisting of Innocent Nkwentsha(25) Mpho Marweshe(23) .We are not models first and foremost but role models, our mission is to let people know that fashion is not for only the rich and those that stay in places such as Joburg and Pretoria. But rather is universal at the same time one does not need the international approval to know what's in and out. Behind every shoot there is a story of daily struggles and joys of kasi life. Vaal is known for many things but not art (fashion). We want to change this stereotype of Vaal being an outdated place with regards to fashion. Teach people that 'dressing up' takes talent and skill, every work we do , we are portraying what we see in our daily lives, we are story tellers , we just don't wake up and do shoots , we take weeks or months sometimes to prepare for our shoots and that's what makes it very special and unique .

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