Finding ways to kick the notion that one has to be nice in order to get the job done, to the curve.

Boss up or fall back

As a woman in business in a modern South African society, experience has taught me to build a thicker skin. I have learned the hard way that the more you mix business with friendliness the more likely you are to get taken for a spin. The reality is, there is much to learn about running a successful business and much of it is through trial & error.  

Here is a heads up. The 1st step is understanding your core value by answering the questions "Why", "How", "Who" & "When". It is not enough to be driven by passion and thus regarding your business as 'entry level' and taking any old free gig in the name of exposure. This is the single most mis-leading habit that society practices and promotes. 

When you start off timid, reciting the rhetoric that 'no one knows who you are yet'... 'any gig is a stepping stone'... 'I'm not doing this for the money'... Guess what, you will be stuck in that level for far longer than you need to because while you were busy being gentle and nice about your business, those you have dealt with have long caught on to your weaknesses and as a result you will have taught them how to under-value you. Stop it! Stop selling yourself short and Boss Up. Leave the smiles and pleasantries for after that payment hits your account. -Doneupkhumo 

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