You've become everything I crave

You’ve  become everything I crave, 

the curls in your hair that lead me

 to your twisted thoughts untamed.

Forever wondering eyes

 connecting to mine, 

how I try to hide

 from you. 

So I stare at your nose

 that knows my scent

 and captures it so well

 making you lick your lips

 as though you’ve  just bit

 into a freshly harvested green apple.

How endearing.  

Now I dart my  eyes back to yours

 that analyse what my eyes run from, 


So I look at your chin

 neatly draped with a neatly trimmed beard, 

how I swore you weren't  real!

 I try raise my voice to call upon your

 carefully selected name

 and watch your Adam’s apple

 tremble with tenderness

 mumbling my own.

You’ve become everything I crave, 

From the tip of your hair

 to your neck, 

I had to put myself in check

 and respect the fact that

 I’m yet to travel your brain someday

 -barefoot I hope.

I tell you I love pizza,

 imagining you being my favourite topping

 -spice , diligence and courage. 

My careless mouth let’s a 

drop of drool go. 

Your warm calloused hands

 move towards my face

 to  gently wipe it away 

like a worry I had just received,  

you’d swear it was urgent.

You've become everything I crave for,

-winter and it’s comfort food,

Only it was your 

welcoming arms supporting my

 heavy unbearable thoughts

 that weigh my spirit down. 

Only to realise you’re that one cigarette 

that was my key to Cancer, 

but you were cancer to my brain 

leaving a tumour thinning the line between

 my illogical illusions 

and Circumstantial reality. 

Cancer to my throat

 that would make me  choke

 the next time I attempted

 to spew your name like Flem 

on well maintained paving

-paving the way to teach 

the rest of my body

 to reject you.

I lost my  hair over you.

I lost my smile to you. 

I lost the weight gained in out own infinity  at the time.



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