I set out every day to live out my passion documenting everyday people, in every day places shinning a light on everyday stories.

This is what my art helps me do- Rewrite the world, in true faces and their fashion. I have an admiration for the culture of fashion, vessels who express their souls through different fabrics.

Souls who desperately want to be seen and I sought out to see them.

With the new Renault Megane I was able to push my passion to the limit. Every inch of the car has been designed to perfectly fit an everyday people going to everyday places.

With everything from human-centric technology to the innovative handling features, the Renault Megane is more than the sum of its parts. It’s the true embodiment of an ideology that greatness will not simply come to you – however, you have to have the passion to go and find it.

Like my work, capturing subjects who set out to challenge societal norms, the Megane successfully offers, innovative concepts that challenge the status quo. How better to provoke Passion than life made easier, with the sophisticated 8.7” touchscreen control system designed with ergonomics, navigation, connectivity, customisation and ease of- use in mind.

Ladies and gentlemen I’m talking real passion driven, with the Megane’s slick French design. From the exteriors, distinctive front and rear lighting signature to the interiors, lush sporty seat further which perfectly enhances the sophisticated feel and personality of the car.

Living in busy Johannesburg the Renault Megan has made life easy, blind spot warning and hands-free parking ensure precision and safety.

The Renault moves smoothly and is has sufficient fuel consumption. In my line of work, getting on location for a shoot on time is essential. With the Megane’s 1.6 Turbo engine there was no excuse for being late.

I had the chance to take it out of the city on a road trip to Sun City, which only amplified my experience with The Megane. On the open road you are able to really feel the unique 4CONTROL (4-wheel steering) which only enhances your overall driving experience with advanced handling and improved agility.

The steering radius of the car is reduced, improving agility at low speeds and stability at high speeds.

My Journey with the New Renault Megane allowed me to experience my passion in a whole different light. Every day with the Megane I set out to achieving the exceptional and strive to live my passion without limits.

To read about The New Renault Megane GT click on this microsite link http://bit.ly/2mSpR0y



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